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The Love of Braai

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South African
.  Flame Grilled Peri Peri Restaurant .
•It's Lekker Man•


Braai's are places of great social events of casualness, of friends and families, of lovers, of professionals, of young and old, meeting and relaxing over great food cooked on the braai.  Braaihut continues this great tradition for you and let's you enjoy your precious time.

The Braai was born in South Africa, a place of rich cultural heritage, translated it means "Grill" but it is far, far more than that. It has been adopted in countries throughout Africa, spreading around the world with people of very diverse ethnic backgrounds and languages, it is the nature of simply great food, it is the BRAAI. 


Every DAY is a BRAAiHUT Day!

Any reason will do, any day or time will suffice, any celebration whether it is big or small, any occasion, be it a few people or the whole country.

Peri Peri,

The Birds Eye Chilli

Braaihut  has the famous African ingredient called periperi which imparts a flavour like no other, it is the taste of life and gives Braaihut food it's great flavour.

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