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Braaihut Covid 19 Response Plan

The Government has announced that New Zealand can safely move out of Alert Level 4 lockdown at 11.59pm on Monday 27 April. We have changed the way our business operates during this period to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

Last Updated: 13 May 2020

How Our Business will Operate

Braaihut will operate as a takeaway only business during Covid 19 Level 2 in New Zealand. This is due to the space constraints of the dining area - we cannot meet the distancing requirements, neither can we have a single server for each tableAll outgoing food will be prepared, cooked and packaged in-store to allow customers to take the food away for consumption.


The primary methods of ordering will be by Phone Order with payment made at point of collection (more below) or Online Ordering with payment made online. We have modified our storefront to allow ordering at the main counter.

Click & Collect Procedure

Step 1: Online Order

The customer orders online using Braaihut Online ordering system. The order and customer details are tracked through the system and received upon submission of order. Payment is made online using credit or debit card. 

Step 2: Order Preparation

The order is prepared in the store maintaining strict food safety and hygiene practices. The number of staff preparing the order will be kept to a minimum to ensure traceability. 

Step 3: Collection

Once the order has been prepared, we will send a TEXT message notifying the customer their order is ready. They will approach the designated pick up location and show us their order confirmation. The staff member handing over the order will wear PPE when handing the order over. The order is then placed at the safe spot and  the staff must wait at the minimum safe distance of 2 metres for the customer to collect the food before moving off. The collection time will than be recorded on a copy of the order and stored for contact tracing.

No physical contact with customer has been made at any point during collection. All orders and customer details are kept on a cloud storage for contact tracing as required.

Safe Spot Pick up Location 1: Online Order Collection Window

Staff will place the customers order on a table top behind a glass window, they will then open the window and move 2 metres back. The customer collects their order and moves off. Staff then close the window, disinfect the table top ready for the next order pick up.


Safe Spot Pick up Location 2: Phone Order Collection Window/Counter

Staff will place the customers order on a table top next to the counter. They will then move to a safe distance. The customer will collect their order and move off. Staff will then disinfect the table top ready for the next order.

Phone & Collect Procedure

Step 1: Order

Place your phone order as usual. We will ask you for a contact phone number and name.


Step 2: Order Preparation 

Once we receive your order, we will start processing it and once it is ready we will send you a TXT message to let you know it is ready. We ask you kindly to wait in your car until you get the message.


Step 3. Collection 

Come through the main doors and tell us your name. If there is a queue please maintain the minimum 2 metre distance. At the point of payment we now have a screen that separates us from you but will still allow you to pay. We recommend paying with card, let us know if you are paying with cash so we can wear PPE. As part of the Governments contact tracing we will also provide you a form to fill out with your name, phone number and email address.


4. Your order will then be given to you on the Phone Order Pick Up Table located next to the counter. We will place your order on the table then stand 2 metres back waiting for you to pick up.

Contact Tracing

Prior to collecting your order or after ordering, customers will be asked to complete a contact tracing form through our digital food safety provider Safefood Pro. This form will be completed on the customers mobile device to follow contactless procedure and ensure all relevant information for contact tracing is recorded. All information submitted is encrypted and handled according to Safefood Pro Privacy Policy.

To complete this form online, click here (opens new window) and when prompted enter the code: CMW4YP. Proceed to complete your details and submit the form.

Other Important Information

Customers will be allowed to pay with eftpos and cash. We have taken precautions to limit the areas customers come into contact with. This includes:


  1. Closing off the dining area & toilet areas of the store

  2. Constructing a screen with a slot where the eftpos machine and cash can be handled ensures separation of the customer from staff at the point of payment (similar to that in supermarkets)

  3. Eftpos machines will be disinfected after each use. 

  4. Staff handling cash must wear gloves when handling cash.

  5. Increased frequency of disinfecting/sanitising high contact surfaces.

  6. Hand sanitisers available - when stock is available

  7. Signage instructing customers to remain 2 metres away maintain distancing.

  8. Signage instructing sick persons not to enter premises (including staff)

  9. All customers will be required to record their contact details; phone, email when collecting their order to help with any Government contact tracing.

  10. No dining in.









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